Welcome to WangGuard, welcome to the revolution

WangGuard is the most advanced and effective active page registration security system in existence, operated via WordPress, WordPress Multisite, BuddyPress and bbPress 2.0. If you are a developer, you can create a system for your own CMS merely by using our API. The secret of our success is that we have recently begun to treat Sploggers or unwanted users as viruses.

For many years, sploggers or unwanted users have taken advantage of the most extensive CMS in the world, with more than 65 million installations, of which approximately 50% are performed by those same users. This means that there are more than 32.5 million sites being searched by bots for their registration pages.

WangGuard is the most efficient and distinguished system to protect your sites from these undesirable users.

Various methods exist to protect the registration of your installations, with the most common being captchas and reCaptchas. If you are using these, you yourself will have confirmed their inefficiency. Captcha cracker and reCaptcha cracker software and systems, which bypass those security measures, have existed for years. A user, depending on the kind of captcha, may take 30 seconds to complete a captcha and, depending on its difficulty, may take even more time. The bots that use the above-mentioned services can compile the registration in scarcely 2 seconds. The clear conclusion is that sploggers and unwanted users are not stopped, which creates difficulties for your target audience.

Some Captcha developers may be thinking, “I have created a new captcha that is impossible for a bot to crack.” We congratulate you, but if it were truly effective, it would grow in popularity, at which point it would no longer be impenetrable and would become yet another ineffective tool. The reason is simple enough. Regardless of whether the captcha is 2D, 3D, or 4D, they are all vulnerable. Many people believe that captchas can only be cracked by OCR (Optical Character Recognition), but they are seriously mistaken. There exists another system that is less advanced but more effective. The process is as follows. A user accesses a registry with a bot. The bot then takes a screenshot of the captcha and sends it via an API to the captcha cracker server. The captcha cracker server then compares it with an enormous database in search of a match. Once it finds the match, the server returns the result to the bot and the bot bypasses the captcha. Logically, there exists the possibility that a particular captcha is not in the database. In that case, the server forwards the image to a farming group that looks at the captcha and inputs the result manually, returning the result to the server for storage in the database, and finally the server sends the result to the bot so it can bypass the security measure. As you can see, captchas do not serve a useful purpose since their days are, without exception, numbered.

WangGuard is a totally novel system, which does not burden users with any additional difficulty but, in contrast, makes bot registration by sploggers or unwanted users impossible.

The virtues of WangGuard do not stop there. Our service has taken the next step in the evolution of security. Once you activate WangGuard security, we give you the chance to have us search your database for them. If we find any, we mark them as known sploggers and we give you the option to eliminate them completely.

But what is our secret? Although we cannot give it away, we can tell you that everything began shortly after Version of the WordPress plugin, which effected a change in mentality and in the philosophy of dealing with sploggers. We do not treat sploggers or unwanted users as bots that should be prevented from registering. We treat them as a virus. WangGuard works by incorporating an antivirus philosophy. Until WangGuard emerged, automated registration software programmers wrote programs to bypass security measures. Once those measures were passed, the system’s future would already be in doubt. Let us look again, for example, at the example of captchas or reCaptchas. No matter how much captchas and reCaptchas change their typography, whether they add distortion, change the bottom, or add 3D effects, they will never be anything but a captcha, and the systems developed to bypass captchas and reCaptchas will always be available (comparing the screenshot of the captcha to an enormous database of captchas and reCaptchas). You may be saying to yourself, “WangGuard is a security system, too, and sooner or later it will become vulnerable.” You are not incorrect, which is why we treat them as a virus. In such a case, we have already developed 2 completely novel systems that bots cannot bypass. The very day that they learn to bypass an active system, we will detect them and implement a server update to the WordPress plugin that will block them again, and we will already have another new system in development. The immediate consequence is that sploggers or unwanted users will not be able to register on your site and you will never again have to worry about looking for new ways to protect your installation, since we will do it for you.

Each of the other available systems is focused on trying to stop sploggers and unwanted users, more or less successfully, but the problem is that they will never be able to be flexible. WangGuard is focused on eradicating sploggers or unwanted users and we have begun with WordPress, WordPress Multisite, BuddyPress and bbPress 2.0 and, thanks to our flexibility in active security, we are succeeding.

WangGuard’s effectiveness grows with each additional active system, and we are already very close to a critical mass that will make WangGuard unstoppable. Once we reach a critical mass, any site protected by WangGuard will be like an impenetrable fortress. In the event that there is any unauthorized registration, that registration will be eliminated from the site and from any other site where registration was achieved.

For all these reasons, we decided to give this wonderful project the name WangGuard: The Protector, Wang, comes from Chinese mythology. He was one of the original twenty six generals of the heavenly court. He was transformed into a deputy of the emperor of heaven, guardian of the eternal palace, and aided by ferocious guards who sometimes punished the condemned. He is personified in the entrances to Taoist temples as a heavily armed iron warrior with a menacing countenance and a cuirass.

WangGuard encourages you to install our plugin, but we do not ask that you abandon any of your current security measures in case you are not totally convinced about WangGuard’s effectiveness. The widespread use of WangGuard is what makes us so implacable and effective. The more users there are, the more WangGuard learns and the more sploggers and unwanted users are identified. We are convinced that you will choose to use only WangGuard, if not now, then certainly in the very near future.

We are sure that if you install WangGuard now, and if you have several hundred or thousand registered users in your site, WangGuard will surprise you from the first moment. From the first moment that you use the Wizard, you will realize the power of WangGuard and the quantity of sploggers or unwanted users that you have in your installation, however many security measures you have implemented.

Because we are so convinced that we can turn WordPress, WordPress Multisite, BuddyPress and bbPress into the most secure CMS in the world, private users should not ever have to pay any amount of fees unless they reach a very high number of requests per month. Profitable private users and businesses will pay a monthly fee, but it will be a nominal amount to cover our costs.

Do not delay any longer. Strength exists in numbers, and we should unite to eliminate the scourge of sploggers and unwanted users. Everyone who uses WordPress plugin version already enjoys the new systems and the new philosophy that treats sploggers as a virus.

Welcome to WangGuard, welcome to the revolution.

What is WangGuard?

WangGuard is fully compatible with Standard WordPress (non-multisite), WordPress MU, WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress (multisite and non-multisite).

If you have signup enabled on your Standard WordPress, WordPress MU, WordPress Multisite or BuddyPress, this is the plugin you were waiting for. There is nothing like it, is a next generation plugin associated a web service and a new concept of active protection from Sploggers, spam users or unwanted users. This is just the beginning.